Kesha 2020 High Road Candle in Pink From Candellana

Kesha Candle #2 (second to the prayer one) that I have, from Candellana or more so the Kesha Store! I got this one for Christmas, but it came a little too late from when we ordered it. I also have the prayer candle that I’ve never burned before, still full with the wax and unburned. That is simply because I like it as a decoration. This candle could’ve been a decoration for a while but I actually love lighting it, so see the pictures at the bottom to see how crazy this thing burned. It’s a very interesting product! The wax dropped down my shelf and even splattered all over my Abbey Dawn shoe box that’s down on the shelf, and that was tedious. Oh well I love this candle and it’s good to me. I’ll keep updating different blog posts, I’m getting really good at fixing them up. And with little to no expectations of myself, except for consistency, I do this on my own. Blogging in general I could just do alone, but I still accept help sometimes, with like photoshoots and stuff. And this blog is mainly for Merch Style, or whatever, from photoshoots that I did for Shop For Days….Well anyway. Eventually I’ll be posting things like my Kesha Prayer Candle (which, like I’ve stated, is my other one, not this one) which I’ve had intact for some years now, but for now is just the pink candle, inspired by the cover of the album High Road. They did that pretty cool, it’s a good looking candle. Reminds me of my dream last night honestly, but oh well. Plus I have at least four Kesha shirts, and they are Rainbow Name Font/Rainbow Album Cover/Get Sleazy Glitter Tee/& Warrior Album Cover in Green. I’ll get around to taking pictures of those, I really will! And I’ll light my candle and listen to Kesha, and that’s how this’ll go. So that’s pretty rad! I’m glad I have this messy decoration, and maybe one day I’ll light my prayer candle too. Oh well! We’ll just see how things go with me soon. Let me know which of those shirts you think I should do a photoshoot for next. Thank you for reading!

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