Spring 2021 Main Poster Wall

I’ve had my room covered in posters and clippings since I was like 12, always with the collecting of them. My walls have been so many different ways, I’ll eventually find my old pictures of my different poster walls and post them (back-dated) as soon as I get to them. So many different poster combinations, like one time one of my entire walls was just Gaga (at my dad’s first apartment) to just Britney in like 2015 (with clippings even!). Now my wall is a mixture of a few different artists, featuring two posters of Xtina (+ my two Lana posters). The Britney posters are in the corner of my room with my laundry basket, but I’m not including that with this. This is just one wall, my main wall for posters, in my room at my Mom’s house. This has been the wall’s setup all Spring, I had some better ones up but these just fit right together. Used to be my signed Linkin Park but now I have Avril up, a taped up poster that I adore with all my heart. But yeah I’ve shuffled some things around, and I always will be, but it’s definitely been a while since I changed up my poster wall. I’m thinking 2-3 times a year I should change it up, and I’ll probably just work with that. There’s a lot of other parts of my room covered in posters, and maybe one day I’ll get to that, but I really wanted to get pictures of my Xtina collage to post it on my @merchstyle (and collection!) Instagram. I’ve had it since October 2018, and it was made May 2015 (6 years ago this month!) so that’s one of the poster/decor items I was focusing on with this small shoot of pictures. You can see that collage more in-depth on Instagram, check that out! My Back to Basics Tour 2007 poster is my favorite of all the posters, and I’ve had that since like March 2016, so many of my different years of blogging I had that poster in the background. I’ve taken plenty of pictures by my poster wall at my moms! Here’s just my wall breakdown (1 of the 5 different parts/walls of my room for posters) for May 2021!

So in terms of what is on this wall, I’ll break it down for you. Or like, ‘featured in this photoshoot’ type of list, with a little peak at another wall in one of these pictures. To start off, my Xtina collage is of course the framed poster, was getting pictures of that collage today to post. Hard not to get glare in there with my camera. But I also have up the BTB Tour 2007 Xtina poster (I think it’s rare – I’ve never really seen another one) to the left of it. Then I have Ariana’s typical-sized large poster from whatever year, with that strawberry and bunny-eared eye mask on. Plus an 18×24 (or so) Ariana tour poster from her concert in 2017, from the Dangerous Woman tour, sitting there with wet hair, to the right of the collage (in the first picture). So there’s two from Ari & Xtina right now. One of my two Lana posters is included in these pics, my Born To Die handmade Lana Del Rey poster from like 2015, I edited it myself then had it custom made into a poster. I have a Lust For Life poster on my other wall (#3) currently, maybe I’ll do full room pictures one day to show that off. For now, this wall.

Next I have a red-haired Lights’ Signed 18×24 Poster for Skin&Earth which I ordered in August 2017 as a whole pre-order bundle for her album. Then I have, in the same size, a Lady Gaga 2008 Promo Poster for The Fame. One of my many of Gaga, of course had to include that one. My Avril’s The Best Damn Thing era poster is perfect there, it’s been ripping but I keep taping it back up. That’s a licensed merchandise item from like 2008 or something, but I really like concert posters a lot. Plus my concert collage bulletin board which is covered in concert pictures from over the last 14 years of concerts that I’ve been to, and that’s the top right bulletin board covered in concert stubs. Covered by my shelf in the corner right now is like some other poster, but I didn’t get it in the pictures this time. Then there’s more concert pictures underneath my bulletin board, with like meet & greet pictures and stuff right there. It’s above the whiteboard too, only finished halfway across before I gave up for a while, or just ran out of pictures to put there.

That’s it for that wall! I might keep these posters up for a while anyway so I’m glad I did this post. Thanks so much for reading!


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