I’ve been collecting merchandise for over 14 years of my life, going to concerts and ordering things online. I truly have a collection going for me and I love to share and write about it on my different platforms. Also visit Shop For Days for my normal style and sometimes merchandise blogging, that’s my main blog. On here I just do reboots with different photoshoots of the same collective style, showing off one item with one or sometimes multiple outfit examples. I like to keep it neat, work on it as I get older. As of 2021 I’m 22 right now and doing well, about to get back to concerts. That’s my favorite place to get merchandise, I live in Seattle so it’s the general of Seattle venues and shows. Definitely utilize the search bar at the bottom of the blog to find a certain artist or article of clothing that I have in my collection. That’s all there is to it, I’ll keep on rocking!