Katy Perry 2011 ‘Meow!’ Fragrance & Necklace Perfume Gift Set

Good morning. I’m writing and posting this fun stuff in June of 2017 but wanted to tell y’all about this duo gift set I got for Christmas of 2011, back when Katy Perry’s second fragrance was still new af and I got the gift set from my dad that holiday. This month I decided to even do a mini 20 pic photoshoot with the set. Here’s the details, dates, info & pics.

  • Includes 3.4oz/100ml Meow Eau de Parfum spray, as well as a Meow solid-perfume slide necklace that slides open and you can rub the solid perfume onto your pulse points just like you’d put a spray and it’s really handy for reviving the fragrance throughout the day.
  • The chain to the necklace is very fragile and breaks often I always have to fix it, especially because the locket-type pendant is so heavy. Also, the solid perfume has fallen out a few times. But I can always get it back in. Not the highest of qualities, but a really cool merch item.
  • 2011-2013 I collected perfumes like CRAZY. Like had a hella big collection. Even got a lot of views on this one perfume video on one of my YouTube channels back then, I think Meow was included.


  • This photoshoot of the two was done on June 20th, 2018 – this set is almost 7 years old to my collection homeslice! I recently got the necklace chain fixed again which inspired me to take the pics and post it on here exclusively. (meaning I don’t think it’s on my main blog for any outfits yet? & this shoot won’t be posted there)
  • The ‘Meow!’ fragrance was released in 2011 as Katy Perry’s second perfume, and you can find more info about it here on Fragantica. The site that has all the info for all the perfumes! You can find my profile here which I made in like 2013.
  • I received the Meow perfume gift set duo of the full-sized perfume spray & solid perfume necklace on Christmas of December 25th, 2011 and even still have this original pic that I took of the set still boxed that day, because this was the day I very first ever got the camera I still use for all my shoots to this day. From my dad. 🙂

Christmas 2011

Yay wooo anyway Meow! is a super sweet candy-like fragrance and I love it but it’s heavy so I usually only wear it in the colder seasons. Here’s the rest of the pics and y’all should have awesome days.


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