Alison Wonderland AWAKE Pre-Order Bundle 2018 x5: T-Shirt, CD, Logo Socks, Air Freshener & SIGNED Print

Hey guys! I’m finally getting to around to posting my Alison Wonderland 2018 Pre-Order bundle for her ‘Awake’ album that featured 5 items that I got in 2018 which was awesome. The bundle included:

  1. A shirt that was tie-dye purple that says ‘Fuck Me Up On a Spiritual Level’ first that I did a photoshoot for in June with my friend.
  2. It also included black long logo socks that I featured in the photoshoot/outfit as well.
  3. The next thing was an air freshener of her face, probably for your car or something but I put it in my hair for the photoshoot! I thought that was a nice touch for the bundle.
  4. Next she included a signed 12×12 print of the album cover that I think is awesome and will always be up on my walls since like then basically.
  5. The last thing was of course a copy of her album on CD! I got good pictures of the entire bundle, so let’s get into the pictures in a second!

You can check out two different blog posts I did in 2018 (on my main blog Shop For Days) that included pictures of the items for the bundle. The main one (the first collage) was mostly the outfit photoshoot. The second blog post I did was of my altar type area in my room (which kind of goes with the album & it’s lyrics or themes) that I did around the same time as the other one, or pretty quickly after. Now we can get into some of the pictures from those shoots of the bundle.

Here’s a collage of the AWAKE photoshoot I did on June 20th, 2018 with my friend Natalia (from my main blog Shop For Days‘ 2018 blog post also called AWAKE) that includes 3 of the 5 items from the bundle:

And here’s a picture collage (from the second blog post I did on Shop For Days called ALTAR-ing LIFE) from my photoshoot that I called The Altar from June 28th, 2018 of my altar-area in my room that includes pictures of the print (or poster) that came with the bundle:

Definitely check out my other blog for the original full blog posts from both of those photoshoots! That all went really well, I’m glad about how much I ended up liking this album from her and everything from the bundle. Thanks for checking this out!


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