Seether 2015 VIP Package XL Concert T-Shirt

This is a shirt that came with my side-stager VIP package from Seether’s Isolate & Medicate 2015 Tour that I attended! They were out of most sizes, and just had like an extra-large left or something like that. It was a really long shirt on me, but I’m not complaining! I adore this shirt, it says The Pain Will Never Fail on it. It’s a remedy, tour/concert t-shirt for VIP packages. I got various other things as well from the concert, like a gasoline type shirt that’s in a size small (there’s a little collective photo that includes that shirt too) plus the Fuck Me Like You Hate Me booty shorts that I also got that day in a size small; other things as well, like a couple of those laminated VIP passes of course, plus a signed poster & signed setlist. So many rad things from that show, but the thing is I haven’t even done a recent photoshoot for this x-large grey Seether shirt, which, by the way, I’ve cut it into a crop top since I last loved it in rehab (where my ex-boyfriend Matt was borrowing the shirt and tried to steal it from me, hiding it from me while we were there in California) as it was, but after getting home I decided to cut it in half to where you could still catch the graphic of it well enough, but it’s a little cooler than just that to me, oh well about not updating this with the cropped version yet.

Once I do a photoshoot for the rest of the items I got from the concert I’ll post them, but all I have now is 2 pictures from 2015 with the shirt full-sized, wearing it like a dress with cut-up knitted tights. Yeah, that works! Darkest room I’ve seen in a very long time, I remembered it like it was a normal set of pictures, but it’s just like this, honestly. I think I propped my phone up and got the pictures, but hey, the shirt still totally looks cool. Can’t wait to do another photoshoot with this, someday later on. For now, 16 (or 17?) year old Abby’s concert tee that she’s wearing out back in the day like she’s that stylish. I really adore my #merchstyle concept.

See the shirt on the left? That’ll be a great photoshoot someday, too. It’ll probably be called something like Stoke the Fire with it’s own outfit (with another one being named Sold Me! I have multiple Seether shirts, like 6 right now, but we’ll see/just a goal), so that’s a good idea of mine. I’m going to go through do every Seether shirt eventually, even re-doing some a little. I started pretty early on for doing Seether’s shirts in a shoot. So no matter what, at this point, I’m down with whatever pictures I can get, I just want to do it soon. But of course I’m backdating this post to a little after the concert from 2015, all I know is it was probably my birth month (November) with the show being held late (the 28th of) October, and even though there’s no correct meta-data information like a date from the right year, I still know this is all from 2015. That’s at least good, that I’m not struggling to know where the pictures came from. I’m just going to come back to this when I’ve got more to add here, of course. There will always be something more I could’ve added to these CMB posts, but it isn’t my style to try to cram it all at once. I rarely ever have motivation for working on this blog, but when I do, it’s enough. So I’ll just leave it like that, and that’s good for today! – from Spring of 2021.


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