Gwen Stefani 2016 Concert Tee Sleeveless Size S

This is what the truth feels like, is what this shirt says. From Gwen’s concert in August 2016, in Seattle at the KeyArena. Cool shirt, I did an artsy-makeup photoshoot for it. Like usual on Shop For Days I write about the outfit I wore to the show (with a photoshoot, typically) and then the next day I shoot the merchandise I got at the show. Now this was rad, after seeing No Doubt together in 2009, so like a good 7 years later and I still got to see a Gwen show. Let’s get right to white eyeliner and the shirt, this was a pretty cool shoot. I wore this with a Harajuku Lovers’ necklace if you caught that, a brand of Gwen’s, like these Gx (I think) heeled booties that I paired with it at the end. Well, at the bottom, like the last picture there at least.

That’s about it for this one. So three things of Gwen Stefani’s different lines and brands, that’s pretty good for one shoot. The white eyeliner totally goes with the boots, too. Such a look, I love it. 2016 was a good year for concert blog posts all over Shop For Days. I’ll catch-up with that eventually! PS – the funniest thing is, is even though I have a full nail polish rack + more of nail polish, I ended up writing this some day in 2021 where I was wearing the exact same nail polish. Like today, I mean – that’s pretty coincidental! It’s a purple one from Julep called Alysha, if you can even see my nails in those pictures, haha. Oh well! That was a good one.


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