‘Young Fel’ 2017 Concert Tee (Long Sleeved) For Felly & Gyyps

So the second (of three times) time that I saw Felly, he had a merch shirt that I actually totally liked. He wasn’t one to have much for merchandise the few different times I got to see him, but this time he did and I got a long sleeve shirt totally promoting his EP (or album-type) Young Fel from the year before as a release. I got done up in a word-covered (English font-type) dress and fishnets and that’s what I wore to the show that year, in February of 2017. So I did a photoshoot of that outfit and then after I got the shirt, the next damn day, I did a shoot with that long sleeved tee. Put the two together and came out with this post Felly Concert Turnout on Shop For Days, so definitely check that out to see what I wore to the show. Concert Attire and Merch Style are two of my favorite things to style in this world, so I’ll keep continuing on with shooting for them like that. I had no concerts last year (in 2020) and pretty much no concert for this year (2021, they’re all rescheduling for next year unfortunately) so it’ll be a while before I do the same thing, but I will do that again once I get up to 2022 and start seeing all those concerts again. Concert merchandise is one of my favorite things to collect.

Anyway this is a no-makeup photoshoot from February 2017, such a while ago but of course it’s backdated until I do an updated shoot with the shirt! That might be years out because this is a good enough photoshoot for the shirt for now. I do look a little tired, or slightly beaten on, but that’s all part of the fun. What a year for this! Also checkout my Concert Almanac page on my SFD blog for a full list (in progress) of concerts I’ve attended, I’m editing more into there all the time so it should bulk up after a while. I’ve seen Felly 3 different times in Seattle so far, but we’ll see when he comes here next, could be a while before he’s back over here. Thanks for checking this out, I love this shirt! Let me know in the comments if you want an updated shoot!

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