Kesha Rainbow Pre-Order Bundle x3 2017 Shirt, CD & Poster

Rainbow was a big album for me in 2017, I really loved Kesha a lot after it dropped! I ended up getting a lot of merchandise for the album & even more once I saw her the month after this photoshoot and everything. Such a great album to me, I really loved it! This blog post is about this pre-order bundle I got in 2017 for a size small t-shirt, CD and poster for the album release. I did a photoshoot with all three things. I usually don’t post about CDs on here but I will sometimes post about album bundles because I used to usually shoot them all together! You can checkout the original Shop For Days blog post here, it’s called Kesha’s Spaceship and it features two photoshoots including this one. I love the poster and album cover with all my heart as well!

So let’s get into the pictures.


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