LIGHTS 2010 The Listening Face/Foil Blue T-Shirt

Ahh I love this shirt! I ordered it on February 18th, 2018 from KT8 merch and did this photoshoot on March 11th, 2018 for it. It’s a cool shadow-y face of Lights’ from her first album in 2009-2010. Check out the shirt still on sale for $10! I got a size Small.

So this photoshoot that I did was called Everybody Breaks a Glass and it’s on my main blog and you should check it out! I went to jail for that blog post. Not even kidding. Gonna leave it at that.

I wore this cute thing tucked into my high waisted jeans with my diamond arrow + heart pendant necklace and rocked it in front of the old cars.

PS they call this a “guys” Lights shirt. Like lmao that is not going to stop my purchase, bitch. If I like the merch enough I’ll buy a mens’ XL. #preacher

The Listening was an AMAZING album and still is, but I HAD to name this shoot after a song from her sophmore album, Siberia. It’s iconic. Everybody Breaks A Glass.

With me and my little videos of it. Watch the whole thing, it’s all the interludes and openings and stuff for the Somewhere Perfection Lies… (Everybody Breaks A Glass) post I did! SO proud.


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