Linkin Park 2018 Oldschool Postcards x2 from Body Jewelry Plus

SO I totally found a Hybrid Theory + another postcard of Linkin Park at Body Jewelry Plus – surprisingly enough! – when I went there to get a replacement lip piercing. Like holy crap, found random merch from people like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley etc but they had Linkin Park postcards! I think that these cards are just like themed and not actually like vintage Hybrid Theory cards…Basically who cares they’re awesome and I had to get them. I don’t even remember at all how much they were. But yeah I’m keeping them in a little merch box I have.


These are probably licensed, but not official. You know what I mean? They probably had the rights to make and distribute these cards, but they’re not distributed straight from Linkin Park so they’re still not in that hierarchy.  Lol.


I really need to start posting more of my merch like this! The small stuff! The small stuff matters toooo. Anyway I’m always thrilled when the world knows of Linkin Park’s existence and I’m digging how red these are, red is my favorite color lately.

Anyway, that’s all I got for you today. Hope y’all have a good day!

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