Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds 2007 Concert T-Shirt

From the Best of Both Worlds Tour in October 2007, here’s a photoshoot I did in 2019 and also 2017.

Favorite video of this BoBW Shirt

That last photoshoot was done on my blog in 2017, posted on Shop For Days for the 10 year anniversary of the Hannah Montana concert (BOBW, of course). I put the shirt over a tight black dress and called it good! Interesting couple of photoshoots I have for this cute pink shirt, of which I’ve distressed just to fit into it. I think I’m doing pretty well here at Celebrity Merch Base, really getting my word in about all these shirts I have plus the accessories, putting them together in a #MerchStyle fashion and getting to style a different graphic tee in a million different ways. Glad I tried this way out! Seems to have worked out well, I’m glad to have this.

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