No Tears Left To Cry – Cropped Custom Distressed T-Shirt – Ariana Grande

Hand-distressed (and cut to boob-length) Ariana Grande crop top shirt, that I made from a No Tears Left To Cry shirt that I then cut as short as possible. Don’t necessarily know why I did it that short, but that’s perfectly okay, with how it turned out! There’s pictures modeled of the my shirt from August 2019 to, briefly again, October 2020 where I took three more pictures, even. For a while on Celebrity Merch Base I’ll just be posting old photoshoots worth of pictures, not to mention the merchandise I’ve caught on my Lumix verses my phone. So here’s a sneak peak from a Shop For Days plan I had to post these of this shirt. Hahaha. Would you like to read the actual post about these on SFD? I’ll link that for sure, there’s just one blog post for this shirt. You’ll have to forgive me but this is before everything happened with my skin, so I was blowing beautifully. I’ll make sure this a good stop on the long road of blogging. So check out No Tears Left for the full blog post!

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