Rainsford Crop Top & Lighter From June 2018

So Rainsford is an artist that was touring with Aly&AJ in 2018, and I definitely attended the show in June 2018 at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. I had a VIP Meet & Greet and got to meet Aly&AJ, plus after Rainsford’s set she came up to her merchandise booth to meet a few fans, and I was first in line for that. I was wearing a gold foiled type of shirt, from Nasty Gal, totally Genie in a Bottle as heck (check out that post to see the outfit I wore for the same shirt I met her in!), and she was wearing a long sleeved shirt & gold foiled boxer shorts for the picture I got with her. That’s what she was performing in, it looked pretty fantastic actually. So I got a picture with her & then bought her shirt & lighter, both which she had available at the booth. I’ve since then cropped the shirt into a crop top, hand-distressed. The shirt is from her Emotional Support Animal EP. Check out the blog post on Shop For Days for the shoot/outfit I did in November 2020, Emotional Support.

The lighter is in good shape, in a purple box of mine that’s translucent, which I use for merchandise. The concert was on June 17th, 2018. Neptune is a pretty cool venue, I’m glad it was there. Now let’s get into the shoot & all the pictures I have of the merch. If you checkout my blog post Emotional Support you’ll get the gist of the outfit, that’s from my blog Shop For Days. Took me until November 2020 to take pictures of this shirt but they’re pretty dang good pictures of it. Sigh, it’s difficult for me to work on CelebrityMerchBase sometimes. Hopefully you understand the concept of this database, but not everyone would. Oh well, let’s just get right into it finally. I’ll even include the picture of her & I, for sure. We’ll see about pictures of the lighter though. I’m including both in this one blog post, might eventually do the lighter separate but not quite yet.

Rainsford Shirt & Lighter, 2018
Going for a Walk in 2018 Wearing the Shirt

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