Heartache Skater Dress by Avril Lavigne X Killstar 2022

Hey guys! It was my birthday on November 15th and I had gotten this new dress for it from my dad to wear to the mall for my birthday. Avril Lavigne recently came out with her second drop/collection with Killstar in October, and I really wanted to get something from the collection! They say this collection was inspired by her recent album Love Sux and what she would wear on stage on tour basically too, which I totally loved! I saw Avril live for the first time in July, as well, which was pretty cool and I’ve loved every outfit I’ve seen her wear on stage (both on that day and on her social media!). I wanted a few different things from this collection, but ended up getting the dress. It’s a two-piece dress, with the yellow (or orangeish) skater dress part and a black mesh long sleeves t-shirt that comes separate and goes underneath. It looked pretty cool on me! It also has detachable chains and a skull keychain which is pretty cool. I’m so glad I ended up getting this! The dress was $74.99 on Killstar online.

Here’s some of the shoot that I did for the dress. PS – I was also wearing Alison Wonderland socks & Kesha Rose Beauty lipstick!

You can checkout the full blog post I did for this photoshoot & my birthday on my blog, called Killstar (24th Birthday)! Here’s the rest of some of the photoshoot I did in my room. (The 1st collage was done at the mall near me – and here’s the 2nd collage below!)


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