LDR Gold Rosary Stash Necklace 2015 Lana Del Rey

Thanks so much for checking me out! Today I’m doing a post for this really cool Lana Del Rey necklace that I got in 2015 at her Endless Summer Tour. It’s really cool and I love it, it’s a really perfect gold color and it’s a rosary style heart & everything. So basically, it says LDR on the front which is her initials, and then on the back is a really pretty embossed snake that matches the part down the chain, which is flat and also has a snake on it. The chain is a rosary style chain and connects to the snake part in the middle and then has the heart dangle from it (it’s a Y pattern of course). You can tell from the pictures, lol, but it’s a really awesome necklace! And the top of the heart unscrews and you can fill the heart with cocaine which is why it’s called a stash necklace! It also comes with a mini spoon attached to the chain, on the inside so that you can take bumps of your cocaine, too. I think that’s a pretty awesome idea, I love it. I’m glad I finally got around to doing a photoshoot for this necklace too, it’s awesome.

I called the photoshoot I did for for it Yayo, which fit the necklace pretty well, after the Lana Del Rey song she released in 2012 (and 2010 too). I took a bunch of pictures of the outfit I put together for the heart necklace, trying to get, like, good pictures of the necklace, and I think I did a pretty good job! After I did this shoot in my room and got enough pics, I went and hungout with my friend Kwame & his two friends DJ & Jeremiah to shoot in downtown Seattle. I’ve missed shooting Seattle, it was awesome. (We even got a few shots for Kwame’s upcoming music video which was cool too.) I even actually got a few really good pictures of the necklace in Seattle, too, which surprised me but that’s rad. After we took some pics in Seattle, we took some pictures in front of a KeyBank too, in a city nearby, which was a good idea! But basically, the entire photoshoot was meant, first, for my main blog Shop For Days, for a cool post I did called Yayo (which you can check out with that link!). However, I did take a ton of pictures of the necklace beforehand for this blog post specifically that I didn’t even really include many of on my other blog, so that group of pics is definitely part one of this post! It’s basically just necklace pictures but I wanted to get good ones, so I took a million of them which made a pretty good first collage. It all turned out totally awesome though, so let’s get into the collages!

These are all the pictures I took specifically for this blog post (except for a couple shots I shared with my other blog) of the necklace. Here’s the first collage, Part 1.

Part Two is the rest of the pictures from my room wearing the outfit!

Part Three is in Downtown Seattle. We got a lot of pictures! It was a good photoshoot. I love how pretty the necklace looks in those pics of me, too!

Part Four was in Kent, WA at a KeyBank. We didn’t really get any pictures of my necklace here, but I’m still adding three pics just for now or whatever because it was a good photoshoot! But I think it all turned out awesome.

Thanks so much for reading this, I’ll see you guys next time!


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