‘Too Young To Go To Jail’ Billie Eilish T-Shirt 2018

I recently did a cute photoshoot for this shirt that I got in 2018. This was the first Billie Eilish shirt I ever bought and I love it. It’s bright orange with the lyrics ‘Too Young To Go To Jail’ on the shirt from her song Bellyache. The photoshoot for it turned out pretty good! I wore it with gold & a Gucci belt that I got for Christmas. You can check the main blog post out on my main style/fashion blog, Shop For Days – it’s a post called GOLDWING named after a 2021 Billie song.

Below is a couple collages – the first collage is some demo pictures I took of the shirt/outfit before I put makeup on, and the second collage is actual pictures I included in that photoshoot’s blog post that I linked. But the first collage is exclusive to this blog! Here’s the first collage of demo pictures I took.

Here’s the second collage, of pictures that I included in that blog post that I mentioned! All the main pictures from the actual photoshoot, that is. Again, check out the main blog post for this photoshoot below called GOLDWING.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog post, I’ll see y’all later!

PS – I forgot to get pictures of this in this photoshoot, but in the bottom right corner on the back of the t-shirt it says her name, Billie Eilish on it. Here’s a picture!


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