Kesha Rose Beauty FTW Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, today I have an awesome post that I’m excited about! It’s for one of my favorite merchandise products that I’ve gotten lately, that I got in November of 2022. Right when I noticed HipDot was taking down Kesha’s beauty line, Kesha Rose Beauty, I was able to quickly find a palette still available from the brand HipDot on Amazon and got one. I wanted one so badly! So I got one and ended up loving it, it’s currently my favorite eyeshadow palette. I used it for two photoshoots so far, the first one being my VIBEZ photoshoot in November, and the second one I got pictures of the palette in my photoshoot & blog post for As Crazy As It Is. Let’s get into the collages for each one!

First, here’s the second shoot I used the palette for, that I got pictures of the palette in. It turned out super awesome. This photoshoot (below) is called As Crazy As It Is. I did this one in February of 2023.

The second collage is for the photoshoot I did back in November of 2022, that I called VIBEZ. I used similar colors for this look but still different! This look also included (one that I haven’t posted yet) the Kesha lipgloss, but stay tuned for a post about that one sometime.

Thanks so much for reading!


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