Seether Heart Mystery Shirt #2 Tank Top From 2015

In 2015, December (on the 29th), Seether had listed a bundle of mystery shirts on their official site for sale! I had already bought this one, their LE one from a couple months before that year, but I also really wanted to get a couple of those mystery shirts! It was only $19.99 after a $5 discount that I had (originally $24.99) plus $4.99 shipping, for a total of $24.98 total! For the two shirts they got to pick out for me, plus a wristband and a piece of fake plastic shit. (They said “plus free shit”!) That was a pretty awesome deal. The two shirts they picked out for me were this one, a cool black one with a graphic, and this tank top I pictured below. I ended up doing a two part of photoshoots for outfits for both shirts a month later, in January of 2016. The other photoshoot might have turned out better, but I still got some pics for this photoshoot! Maybe one day I’ll re-do a photoshoot for this shirt, but for now here’s the original shoot I did for this one in 2016. You can also check out my original Shop For Days blog post (Seether Mystery Bundle) that I did for these two shoots, that post is why I even did the photoshoots to begin with! Let’s check out the photoshoot I did from back in the day.

I got those three pictures, plus the featured photo at the top and then this picture below! In the SFD post, I did mostly big room pictures, because I used to not crop them, but my room looked pretty rad back then! I think this outfit was not bad for what it was, I even like the little booties in the bottom of that first picture. I was still experimenting with lighting back then, but the other Seether mystery bundle t-shirt had better lighting! Check that one out again here. Thanks so much for checking out this blog post! Check out all of my Seether merchandise I have posted right now right here.


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