Seether Skull Mystery Shirt #1 From 2015

I had this whole post all about this, right here from Shop For Days back in 2016! This was way back in the day, when I experimented with lighting for the mystery bundle of a couple Seether shirts early on in my blogging career. Definitely from 2016, and I like my two shirts that they picked out for me! The other one I got in the bundle you can find here on this blog. It ended up being only $24.98 including shipping to get both shirts + the bracelet and whatever they gave me with it! Anyway, this is a pretty awesome black & brown skull t-shirt. It even says 2014 on it, I assume these merch items they got out of their vault too, so that’s pretty cool. Anyway, thanks so much for checking out this post! Here’s the pictures I got of the shirt & outfit back on January 5th of 2016.

Not a bad photoshoot overall, or outfit. I think this one turned out pretty good! Here’s the last picture, with me showing off my really cool walls in my room. I loved that setup, it was awesome back then! Thanks again for checking out this blog post, see you next time! You can find all my other Seether merchandise that I have posted right here.



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