Avril Lavigne Poster & Abbey Dawn Studded Shoes in 1

This photoshoot I did back in 2016 as well, I called it Extinguish and was renovating around my posters at the time. You can see the normal blog post about it here, it’s called Summer Heat. But for this, I took the pictures of me with the Avril poster in the back, and cropped them all to suit the poster with the shoes in the shot. So I got both shots! I’ll do posters differently, sometimes combining them into other things or full-room shots while also singling them out once in a while to get a good shot of the plain old thing. Now I’m posting this with old pictures but even now in 2021 I have that same Avril poster up, it’s just ripped to shreds so I can’t get any more pictures of it. But if I do, this site will know about it, and it’ll be available just as soon as I bring it up. Now to this photoshoot!

Of course the room-sized shot was butchered by the blank space, but I thought I might as well show you what my room looked like in full on this day. Hey look, a Just Chill! I miss those drinks a lot in 2021.

Checkout how the poster looks in my room for April 2021 (the end of April, that is). It’s thrashed! My cat Milkshake tries to swat at it sometimes when she’s on my bed. Sorry, it’s just iPhone shots for now, until I re-do my posters again at least. A little trashy, but not too bad. I’ll re-do my room with my camera someday this year (soon)!

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