Abbey Dawn ‘Rebel’ T-Shirt by Avril Lavigne 2015

I’ve always loved Abbey Dawn since I first discovered Avril’s line, it’s such a great clothing brand. Since 2015 I’ve had some things from the line and I love them, and have worn them on my other blog Shop For Days plenty of times. It’s such a great style, I’ve always loved her looks with plaid and safety pins and things like that that I found and bought. Eventually, by 2015 her main line and collection were different, and she released a bunch of graphic tees on her site for a new collection and they were all really rad. You can check this place to see a picture of all the graphic tees from that new 2015 collection that she released, I got this one that says ‘Rebel’ with a flag on it, and it of course also says ‘Abbey Dawn’. I first ever posted this shirt in an outfit in a blog post on my other blog called Springtime Spunk in 2016 and again 6 years later in a 2022 blog post I called ‘REBEL‘! That’s this photoshoot, it’s from the second one mentioned of course. I untied this shirt for a few pictures at the end, but wore it tied up in the back for the entire rest of the photoshoot for Shop For Days! Let’s start with the other three untied shirt pictures I have, to see the full shirt.

By the way, this is one of the softest graphic tees I own! I think it’s perfect and super comfortable, I totally love it. And the shirt goes good with my tattoo in the second picture too, for sure. Eventually, I will also post the nail polish I wore here, because it’s a Lana inspired color (called ‘Cruel Summer’) but I have no idea when I’m going to post the entire collection! Anyway, here’s the rest of the pictures for the t-shirt, from the Shop For Days photoshoot I called ‘REBEL!’.

Thanks so much for checking out this blog post, I love this t-shirt with all my heart! Checkout the post for that Avril Poster at the end (the second to last picture) right here.

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