‘Not All Those Who Wander LDR’ Lana Del Rey 2021 White T-Shirt

I finally got around to doing a photoshoot with one of my three Lana Del Rey shirts! This is the one from her 2021 album & era for Chemtrails Over The Country Club and is my #3rd Lana shirt I think. They still have this one for sale online at her shop for $30, so you can check that out here. I got this one in May of 2021 but did the photoshoot for it in June of 2022, you can check out the main blog post for it on my main blog Shop For Days. I love Lana’s Chemtrails album, I think it was well done and perfect for the time she released it. Her 2019 album was better to me for some reason, but I still was impressed by Chemtrails! I’m glad I got this shirt from her store too though, I always appreciate Lana merchandise. Also something I got last year in 2021, around the same time was her Forgotten Vibes Box that you can find with that link, that I already posted on here. (PS. I have another thing of Lana’s from 2021 I could eventually post on here but I’m not sure when I will!) Thanks for checking this post out though, here’s a collage from the photoshoot I did.

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