Lana Del Rey’s Forgotten Vibes Box 2021

This was an awesome box of cool things to smudge & burn in your room with, that Lana had for sale on her site online in 2021. (I finally got around to posting this in May of 2022). I love this box with all my heart, and everything in it of course. I paid a total of around $76 to get this box, and I was so excited when I got the money to buy it! I ended up cleaning for someone I know to make all the money in one day to buy this. I love spiritual things like this and wanted to buy more palo santo sometime anyway, once I noticed she put this up online! It looked so perfect for me and I ended up being able to get it, and then I received this box by like May 27th, 2021. I placed the order on May 22nd, after she brought the box back a couple days earlier by popular demand!

It includes a wooden box that says “You Don’t Want To Be Forgotten” on the top, and “You Just Want To Disappear” on the bottom of the lid. It came with a ribbon that wraps all the way around the box which is cool. There’s a card that was on the top that says “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass” which is named after a word-spoken poetry-type CD she released that I also have. There’s some cool writing or a poem of some sort on the card also that ends with ‘- Lana Del Rey’.

Next there is three (3) sticks of palo santo, a holy wood that you burn inside. The sticks say “Lana” and “Del” and “Rey”. I have burned the first stick, the ‘Lana’ stick more than halfway down by now already. I accidentally left that stick out in some of the pictures to burn it first apparently, so it was burned in one picture and unburned in another picture, but whatever I still got it in some of the pictures! That’s how I ended up doing it I guess, oh well I really love palo santo with all my heart!

It then included a book of matches that says “You Just Want To Disappear” on it as well. I’ve used some of the matches to light the palo santo, but I’m saving them for now for the later sticks and etc. to burn later. The last two items are a small candle that says both of the two thing on it that were written on the top of the box, which is cute. And finally a stone of selenite that has “LDR” written on the top – selenite is a crystal of light and can charge other crystals, it’s really beautiful! That’d be it for everything in the box, thanks so much for checking out this blog post. I appreciate it a lot! I’ll also eventually blog more of what I have from Lana some day, that’ll be awesome too.

PS – All of these pictures (above) were taken with my iPhone S in 2021. Here’s one (below) of the box from Lana’s website, just a stock photo of the box and it’s contents!

Forgotten Vibes Box From Her Website

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