Celebrity Fragrance Collection Post of Spring 2021

I’ve been collecting perfumes for like 11 years or so, starting with celebrity fragrances like Britney’s. Today I have a post all about my current collection of celebrity fragrances that I have now. I’ve unfortunately gotten rid of a bunch of them before, which is different than running out of them, but oh well I’ll bulk back up my collection in a few years or so. For right now I’m just trying to use what I have. I blogged a little bit about my past perfume collections & how I feel about them my Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) on my other blog, so check that out too! There’s a good collection photo or two in there, from like 2014 or some year. I used to have a full shelf of perfume, but now I used that shelf for just CDs. I have a little shelf of perfume (the featured picture on that blog post) right now and it’s cute but there’s not a whole lot, either way I got these pictures of my celebrity fragrances in full, so let’s get on in to that.

This is just my current collection of May 2021, but it’ll change over time. I just ran out of every single one of my Xtina perfumes so I have none of those left, but that’s okay, I will eventually buy a bunch more from her for sure – hers are my favorites! All I have left of the 5 or so that I used to have from her is a tiny fan shaped charm from an Xtina perfume that I ran out of in like 2020. I didn’t picture any of the perfume merchandise or anything else outside of just the collection of perfumes themselves that I have, but I did mention a couple items in the list I made. I’m also almost out of Radiance, by Britney Spears, it should be empty by the summertime which is interesting, I can’t believe I made that progress with so many of my perfumes! Radiance was the second perfume I’ve ever gotten, so it’s cool to be running out I guess but I will eventually replace it with a 3.3oz instead of just the 1oz of it. Maybe the lotions and stuff too, I would love to get the gift sets for a few of them one day! I’m almost completely out of celebrity fragrance lotions by now, I just have Purr by Katy Perry left now, but also the shower gel for it. I don’t have the head for the perfume (the cap) but oh well. I love all of these and I think my collection is pretty good for what I have most of the time. All of those pictures were taken by me with my Lumix FZ40 which I use for my photoshoots as well!

Here’s my list of my (11/16) celebrity fragrances that were included in this photoshoot of them:

  • Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears 1 oz that I got for Christmas in 2010 or so. It originally came with the 3.3 oz body lotion but I ran out of that in 2020. In like 2015, I got a rollerball (0.33oz) of it, & it wasn’t pictured but I had that & ran out of it in 2023!
  • Fantasy by Britney Spears 1.0 oz that I got in like 2011 but ran out of finally in 2022, and a 0.5 oz that was still in it’s packaging that I got for Christmas of 2020 from my brother! So I only have the 0.5 oz one left now.
  • Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears 1 oz I probably got in like 2012 but it was broken, so it worked okay for a while but then I threw it away in 2021 because it wouldn’t spray anymore.
  • Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears 3.3oz that I also got in like 2012 or something. I also had the body lotion but I had no idea what happened to it like almost 3 years ago.
  • Believe by Britney Spears 3.3oz that I also got in like 2011. It came with the 3.3 oz body lotion originally but I ran out of that in 2020 as well probably.
  • In Control Curious by Britney Spears 1.7oz that I got in like 2012 or something too. I used to have the original Curious’ but got rid of them in 2019 or something for some reason. (Also, not pictured, I have a ‘Totally Ticklish’ shimmer powder scented like Curious by Britney, as well as a matching pink bag & a ‘Do You Dare?’ Curious promo t-shirt too.)
  • Radiance by Britney Spears 1 oz that I got in like 2011 (when it came out) and it was my favorite Britney perfume at one point. I then ran out of in 2021 though!
  • Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears 1 oz which was the spinoff, that I got in like 2012 I think. I then ended up running out of this one in 2021 as well.
  • Purr by Katy Perry 3.3oz that I got a gift set for in 2011 for Christmas, with the shower gel & body lotion & a solid perfume necklace. I ran out of all of it except the necklace in 2021.
  • Meow by Katy Perry 3.3oz that I got in a gift set for 2011 for Christmas as well, including another solid perfume necklace that is shaped like the kitty’s head. I still have both!
  • Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne 3.3oz that I got in probably like 2013, which comes with a ring under the black rose cap on the perfume bottle.
  • Siren by Paris Hilton 3.3oz that I got from my grandma in like 2013 probably as well, which was new and in the box. It has a removable charm that comes with it that is a gold mermaid.
  • M Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey 0.16 oz mini perfume that I got in like 2014 and eventually ran out of in like 2021 as well.
  • Fame by Lady Gaga 3.3oz which is a black liquid perfume that I got in like 2013 probably, and this one is currently my favorite of all the perfumes, I love it!
  • Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande 8oz (body mist) which isn’t an eau de parfum, but all the other ones are. I got this one for my birthday in 2020. I also have an Ari keychain & charm from an Ariana perfume & gift set I got in 2019, but I ran out of the perfume & body lotion in 2020.

Not Pictured in the Photoshoot:

  • Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunny G 0.3oz Limited Edition eau de toilette by Gwen Stefani that I got for Christmas in like 2011ish, with the whole set of 5 perfumes and a big circle box for them. I ended up getting rid of 4 of them which I regret! But I still have this one & the box.
  • Harajuku Lovers Jingle G 0.3oz Limited Edition eau de toilette by Gwen Stefani that I got in 2011. It’s a Christmas-dressed G character perfume that I still have, but forgot to picture!

That’s my celebrity perfume list that I’ll probably update sometimes. Keep reading for the wrap-up paragraph and one more picture of all of my celebrity perfumes!

You can find my perfume collection scattered in a few different places, one being the forum Fragrantica. See my profile for that right here. That’s usually pretty up to date. I can’t wait to get more perfumes, for now I’m just trying to use what I have! One day I’ll have another big collection and I’ll post about that. I am sometimes (frequently) posting about my perfumes in pictures on my instagram @merchstyle, so you can check that out too. If you want to narrow it down a bit there’s a hashtag #merchfordaysperfume that has all my pictures linked, so that’s a good place to check too. I’ll definitely be posting these pictures on Instagram soon. Thanks so much for reading, hope you liked it, I’ll be posting more on here sometime soon!


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