Celebrity Fragrance Collection Post of Spring 2021

I’ve been collecting perfumes for like 11 years or so, starting with celebrity fragrances like Britney’s. Today I have a post all about my current collection of celebrity fragrances that I have now. I’ve unfortunately gotten rid of a bunch of them before, which is different than running out of them, but oh well I’ll bulk back up my collection in a few years or so. For right now I’m just trying to use what I have. I blogged a little bit about my past perfume collections & how I feel about them my Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) on my other blog, so check that out too! There’s a good collection photo or two in there, from like 2014 or some year. I used to have a full shelf of perfume, but now I used that shelf for just CDs. I have a little shelf of perfume (the featured picture on that blog post) right now and it’s cute but there’s not a whole lot, either way I got these pictures of my celebrity fragrances in full, so let’s get on in to that.

This is just my current collection of May 2021, but it’ll change over time. I just ran out of every single one of my Xtina perfumes so I have none of those left, but that’s okay. I’m also almost out of Radiance, by Britney Spears, it should be empty by the summertime which is kind of cool. It was the second perfume I’ve ever gotten, so it’s cool to be running out on that. Eventually I’ll replace it with a 3.3oz instead of just the 1oz of it. Maybe the lotions and stuff too. I’m almost completely out of celebrity fragrance lotions, I just have Purr by Katy Perry left now, but also the shower gel for it. I don’t have the head for the perfume (the cap) but oh well!

You can find my perfume collection scattered in a few different places, one being the forum Fragrantica. See my profile for that right here. That’s usually pretty up to date. I can’t wait to get more perfumes, for now I’m just trying to use what I have! One day I’ll have another big collection and I’ll post about that. I am sometimes (frequently) posting about my perfumes in pictures on my instagram @merchstyle, so you can check that out too. If you want to narrow it down a bit there’s a hashtag #merchfordaysperfume that has all my pictures linked, so that’s a good place to check too. I’ll definitely be posting these pictures on Instagram soon. Thanks so much for reading, hope you liked it, I’ll be posting more on here sometime soon!

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