Kesha Rainbow Tour 2017 Adjustable Hat

I have a red container type thing full of hats in the top of my closet, and most of them are merch hats! Granted, a lot of them are the same or similar, but I grabbed my Kesha hat out of there last month and decided to start wearing it backwards all the time so I have been. It’s like my new signature hat for this part of my life, I love it! The front of the hat says ‘Kesha’ in a rainbow pattern and it’s super cute. The back of the hat by the adjustable side says ‘Rainbow Tour 2017’. The hat is of course from the Rainbow tour of that year, specifically from the Seattle show. I first wore this hat in a photoshoot of that year, but I’ll include that at the end of the post. The main photoshoot for this post is of course from my July post Illumination a couple weeks ago or so. I wore the hat backwards, like I stated of course. I’ll include a collage from all three, but it starts with that one!

Then, 10 days later I did a photoshoot again with the hat on backwards again but didn’t get as in-depth pictures as this first time. So that last post was from the 6th of July, and this next blog post is from the 16th of July. It’s called Know My Worth and it’s a pretty good outfit with the hat and everything on. Here’s a collage from that one as well! Who knows how long I’ll wear this as my signature hat? This is just a snippet of the photoshoot, definitely check out the main post though.

Now finally I’ll show you a collage from Kesha’s Spaceship, which is a collection of two Kesha photoshoots, one from ordering Rainbow merchandise online and the other is from the concert of course. I got some good pictures of the hat here as well. This was from November 2017, I saw her at the Seattle show the month before that (so October 2017). I think this one’s pretty good! See the original post for all my concert merchandise here, Kesha’s Rainbow Tour 2017 Merch.

That’s all for the post of this hat. Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoy my blog!

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