Kesha Rainbow Tour 2017 T-Shirt & Enamel Pin

Hey guys, here’s a post for a photoshoot I did in 2017 after a Kesha concert! That year I ended up getting SO much Kesha merchandise for Rainbow, like at least 7 different things it was awesome. I ended up doing 2 photoshoots that year for the merchandise too, so this would be for the second photoshoot I did, for all that I got at the concert. From the show it looks like I got this album cover t-shirt in size small, a spaceship enamel pin, and a hat as well. You can checkout the hat in a 2022 post that I did when I did a photoshoot with that, that’s a good post for that but there’s also some pictures here! Just because of how I did the photoshoots. In this photoshoot, I also included my spaceship necklace that I got earlier that year for the same album. That I got online though most likely, and the other stuff (that I did this blog post for) were from that concert. Kesha was amazing live and I loved my merch! You can see the original blog post I did this photoshoot for on my other blog Shop For Days right here, called Kesha’s Spaceship.


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