G-Rex 2021 Black Concert T-Shirt

Hi guys, thanks for checking out this blog post! I did a photoshoot this week for this red & black G-Rex graphic tee I got from his show in Seattle on November 20th, 2021. He opened for Peekaboo and they are both electronic artists. The two of them together have two duet songs, one being ‘Babatunde’ and the other being ‘Deviant’ which was released recently. They didn’t have any merchandise for Peekaboo there, but they did for G-Rex so I got this t-shirt in a size M which was their smallest size. The venue was the Showbox SoDo in downtown Seattle. I really love G-Rex’s music these days with all my heart too, my favorite song being Pull Up. That’s what I named this photoshoot and posted it on my main blog, Shop For Days. Thanks for reading, here’s some pics from the shoot!


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