Lights ‘Cactus in the Valley’ Green Ringer T-Shirt

Thanks for checking out another one of my collective merchandise posts! This post is for a Lights t-shirt with lyrics on it from her Cactus in the Valley (2011) song. It says ‘Show Me That Your Love Will Never Change‘ on it and then her name at the bottom. This is a super soft green camouflage t-shirt with an orange neckline, and I don’t know if she started selling these in 2011 when Siberia came out or in 2013 with her acoustic version album of that but it fits the second one pretty well! Also, check out the original blog post for this photoshoot that I called Cactus in the Valley on my main blog Shop For Days! Here’s a sampling from the photoshoot below.

Thanks again for checking out my post!


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