Banks 2017 Concert T-Shirt ‘Bad Motherfucker’ Graphic Tee

Awesome shirt from Banks & her 2017 tour in Seattle on April 18th, 2017. Awesome show but I had to leave early, but at least I got good merch from it. From that show alone I think I just got this t-shirt and the hoodie. I’ve only seen Banks once so it’s unlikely that that isn’t the case, so I’ll just roll with it. I’ve got a mini little photoshoot for this shirt and it’s from April 19th, 2017. Almost 4 years ago today considering it is what day it is for me. It’s just April of 2020, but I’m definitely dating this to when it was taken from. Such a cute little photoshoot, but I couldn’t find it on Shop For Days. There was just nothing for this photoshoot, must not have really posted this or the hoodie. Could’ve sworn I did, but oh well, I’ll just keep calm & itemize. This is something I’m going to get really good at one day. Not sure what else to say, to be honest. I also got a hoodie that says “I Started All of the Wars” on the back of it from I think this same concert, so I’ll post that eventually! Thanks so much for reading, and checkout this set of pictures. I even edited some a little more especially for this blog post. I’m accomplishing so much with these days! I’m in a productive mood, really.

xx Abby

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