Banks Hoodie “I Started All of the Wars” 2017 Concert Sweatshirt

Hey I’m back with yet another thing to post here on Celebrity Merch Base. Banks was my concert #38, meaning the 38th concert I’ve ever been to in my life, and counting. That was on April 18th, 2017. At the Showbox SoDo in Seattle particularly. I’m pretty sure I got both this hoodie & this t-shirt at the concert, at the same time, but yeah. That’s probably how it happened, for sure! And now it’s time for the hoodie, this is one of like 4 black hoodies that I have. Love ’em, love the most of them. So I took these pictures of the sweatshirt on June 5th, 2017 I’m thinking. Something like that, although I’m not sure if it ever made it onto my blog Shop For Days, I just think I must’ve never posted it. That’s a little weird because then why did I take pictures of it back then, but oh well! I’ll figure it out someday. I’ve of course been working on posting all my merch these days. I think I’m doing pretty good about making some progress with it. Thanks for tuning in, whoever it is, I always welcome new fans or whatever of my blog. But there we go again, backdating another post with pictures out the wazoo of the item. I’m doing pretty good with all this. Plus I had really wanted that Trainwreck graphic tee from Banks but I’ve never gotten it. Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll have bought that. Now let’s get to these hoodie pictures.

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