Linkin Park 2012 Living Things Concert T-Shirt Size L & Signed 5/6 Poster

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this blog post. I got this shirt in 2012 from my brother, who got a free meet & greet and VIP experience from Linkin Park Underground for free that year! He went to the Seattle show and eventually gave me this t-shirt from the concert, as well as the signed poster. The signed poster only has 5 out of the 6 bandmate’s signatures, including Chester Bennington’s who died a month after I did this photoshoot in 2017. I’ll eventually have more pictures of the poster, since I had it on my walls for a bunch of photoshoots, but for now here’s just the photoshoot of the LIVING THINGS t-shirt in the size large. You can check out the full blog post for this photoshoot ‘Linkin Dark’ on Shop For Days in a blog post called Give-N-Chase, after my two Givenchy lipsticks. I also included this photoshoot in this post RIP Chester Bennington in the same year, a month later!

Thanks so much for reading!

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