Portugal. The Man Concert Hat & Linkin Park Hot Topic Tee Duo 2017 (+ 2 Pins)

Now unless I’m doing some sort of collection post, I typically try not to combine two merchandise items, but there is a few different photoshoots I’ve done in my past (like from 2015-2018 or something) that are a duet or combination of a few different items that I want to post, so I’ll just get through them as best as I can given what the shoots are. 2016 & 2017 were hot years for shooting some #MerchStyle for Shop For Days because of the numerous concerts I was going to at the time, so I did a lot of concert posts including what I wore to the show (#ConcertAttire) and then a separate photoshoot of what I got from the concert, in terms of merch. This was a photoshoot that I didn’t even do until after I got home from the show, so I guess I went in a Linkin Park World Tour shirt from Hot Topic (based on 2011 merchandise) that I got probably way before this, and I also brought my cute pink corset/bustier shoulder bag that is the perfect size for concerts, glad I got a few shots with it for this photoshoot as it’s whole. You can checkout the official blog post for this concert (outfit + merchandise photoshoots) right here, called Portugal. The Band on my main style blog, ishopfordays.com.

The PTM hat I got from the show, and to clarify this hat is from the second time I saw Portugal. The Man in July 2017 (the first time I saw them was in June 2016) which was number #43 concert on my list of all that I’ve been too. You can checkout my list of concerts that I’ve been to as a page on my main blog, SFD of course. I also got a white shirt from the concert, I’ll be posting that sometime after this & then I’ll link them. For now we’re talking about the hat and the Linkin Park shirt. Great outfit for the concert I guess. The buttons that were on my shirt were from the first time I saw Portugal. The Man in 2016, where I got the set of buttons (and lost the yellow button!) and a large sized black t-shirt with mostly green ink, and that’ll be up eventually too.

Alright, well I’m glad I’m getting these up on my blog! I’ll keep working at the past photoshoots, I still have plenty to go through & backdate as I go through all the merchandise that I have and organize the pictures of it. I’ll be doing more merchandise later this year (2021) too, so that should be up at the top later on! Thanks for reading this one! Love the black strap I used on this pink bag, a little out of place but it worked to hold it.


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