Portugal. The Man White Tour 2017 Concert Tee Size S

Abstract with lots of colors, kind of splattered into a graphic or being, Portugal. The Man never disappoints when it comes to concert merchandise. I’ve seen them twice so far, in my life, but they were even better this time by themselves. Maybe the last shirt I got from them was the best merch shirt I’ve ever gotten, but that black one from the year before isn’t even posted yet. I’ll get around to it! Let’s get into the post for a photoshoot I did for their white 2017 concert t-shirt that I got, and did a photoshoot for (after the concert) in July of 2017. You can checkout the original blog post for the photoshoot on my main blog, Shop For Days, the specific blog post named Portugal. The Band. This includes two photoshoots, one with the outfit I wore to the concert + the photoshoot for this white t-shirt. Here’s a collage of some of the white t-shirt photoshoot pictures below… thanks for checking this out!

I love this shirt so much, I’m so glad I got it. Thanks for checking out this post, see you all later!


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