The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour 2009 Concert T-Shirt (& Merch List)

My first ever Britney shirt! From when I very first saw her! The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour 2009 on April 9th, 2009! 

TCSBS Tour April 2009 - #2, Piece of Me
Second performance of the show: Piece of Me. Photo Credits to my mom & I in Tacoma 2009!

The Circus Starring Britney Bitch!

  • Merch I got from the concert — That day I went home with a brown paper bag that said Brit’s name/tour name, which I ended up tossing years later! 😦
  • 2x temp tatts (out of 3): At the last second I decided to get the 3 pack of temporary tattoos; opened it a month later and used one of them, I still have the little B with the hat & feathers and the one with her name in the Circus font, so yeah I at least still have those 2/3! (Comment for pics or a post request for any merch item!)
  • Glow stick. Idk where it is rn but I have reasons to believe I still have it! I’m hopeful. I’m going to look for it this week. Circus themed, of course. I got these things at the little accessory kiosk – separate from where they sold the clothes.
  • Legendary tightrope poster – Probably the most important of all the merch I got that night, I got my legendary tightrope poster I have of her. It’s soooo rare and sells for hundreds now. I haven’t taken mine down in 9 years. Leave a comment if you want a post about any of these other merch items I got! I’ll get to it eventually. Lol

Finally, the shirt that I got! Omg, you guys should’ve seen me I wore a Hannah Montana shirt to this Britney concert. Yikes. Ok this first, then my Circus tour merch shirt.

Mom & I
In front of Tacoma Dome with Mom, wearing a Hannah Montana shirt for some reason…?

So this is the shirt. The very first Britney shirt I ever got!  My mom and I fell in LOVE. Yes it has shrank and I have grown. I will never stop wearing it. I recieved this shirt the day of the concert, April 9th, 2009; but this little photoshoot here is from July 2017. I’m planning on doing a more artsy shoot with this shirt soon!

Britney Shirt #1 out of like 80+ now
Tour Dates
Britney Shirt #1 with da tour dates

If you wanna see more pictures from that photoshoot, I blogged about them on my main blog here, check it out!

We always take a picture of the merch table though. Like, I really love to look at this low key.

Britney Spears Circus Tour 2009 Merchandise Table
Merch Table, REALLY want that piece of me shirt and so many other things! Photo creds to my mom!
It's Abby Bitch!
It’s Abby Bitch! This post is mainly supposed to be about this shirt anyway, but I wanted to just name off my other Circus tour merch so that any of you could suggest which to pick next to post.

Don’t forget to check out this Circus Starring Britney post that I worked my ass off on!

Merch I Have from The Circus Starring Britney Spears that I Didn’t Get at My Own Show:

As of now, 2009 Circus Tour Merch (not including what I got at the show) I have :

  • Two (2) diff covers of The Circus Starring Britney 2009 tour books (holographic cover from eBay) And one I got for free from buying merch from her official site last year (shiny B with the hat cover) or possibly the year before
  • Black cord B choker necklace, I never got the backing/package it just came with when I bought the holographic Circus Tour book on eBay, but it was also merch from the show! I got a really good deal. This was like 2014-2015.
  • Deck of Circus playing cards, for card games (bought online when I was making a purchase to qualify for the free UK tour book & these were still available on her site so I def bought them and haven’t opened them yet, they’re just on my CD shelf!
  • VIP Messenger Bag given to all the VIPs for the show for that tour; I really wanted a Britney backpack for 8th grade so that’s what I got, from eBay, 7 years ago, and totally used it the whole year, haha. It was from eBay before they started selling it for a reasonable freakin’ price on Britney’s site.
  • Set of three (3) buttons (the card backing is saved in a merch box but the 3 buttons are floating around my button box), and I think I got these from Michael! …Sorry I’ve been sucking so badly at replying lately lol but if you see this then share this and start your own blog too man! 😀 PS Again they’re all just circus themed buttons, I did almost get them at the show but got the tatts instead but now I have BOTH!
  • Lanyard with the Circus-font “Britney Spears” styled name going all across (my mom got me it in Vegas from the Britney Store). I actually wore it in my shoot Snowblind; sneak peak to the shoot for the post that’ll be up on in May. (;

    Britney Spears Circus Tour Lanyard with chunk of amethyst hooked on.

But that’s all my The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour 2009 Merch! Yay! A couple more pics, just for fun.

Check out the Circus Starring Britney Spears blog post on my main blog for way more cool stuff!

xx Abby


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