Demi Lovato 2017 “Tell Me You Love Me” Pre-Order T-Shirt

  • One of my favorite Demi tees. So cool. Pre-ordered on September 23rd, 2017, also got a signed CD with it (that I ordered with it but separate) and the t-shirt was $24.98
  • The shirt alone came with the “super digital album” bonus content that became available a month or two after the album release through e-mail + early ticket access for the upcoming tour
  • I’m pretty sure this shirt is long gone sold out but now Demi’s making tons of TMYLM tour merch and I REEEEALLY want a cropped hoodie!!
  • I didn’t get the shirt & signed CD until hella late because the signed CDs took forever and they wouldn’t just ship my shirt first, I had to wait a mill years while all my friends got THEIR Demi merch. Lol. PS I actually bought 2 signed CDs and one of them I need to send to my cool friend Michael.
  • I did a photoshoot for this outfit on December 30th, 2017 in a cute lil winter outfit and posted it on a blog post that I worked really hard for called Tell Me You Love Demi. It was my last post on of 2017 and it skyrocketed my views.

Demi’s official webstore is right here but it only sells/sold stuff to do with the album, the tour merch is sold on a different official store. So a lot of this is just sold out but this is where I got my shirt.


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