Lights 2018 Skin&Earth’s “Captain Lights” Booty Shorts in Pink, Size S

I did a small little photoshoot with Ally for these booty shorts, with her behind my camera for it. That was honestly back in 2018, when, this best thing happened–Lights herself liked the picture on IG after I had posted it! I felt pretty great about that, like I was able to connect a little better through a screen for a while after doing something cute like that. Then 2019 came around & I did another round of pictures with Matt on my camera, of the same dang booty shorts, and the pictures turned out great too! Just pretty different types of pictures, in terms of how I modeled them. That’s a pretty cool thing, and I’ve gotten pretty pictures of these booty shorts those couple of different times by now, so I’ve got to shoot the rest of them eventually too. January 2018 is about when I actually got them, anyway. Although, I can’t for the life of me find the original IG post yet or even one of the timestamped pictures that Ally took, so I’m just going with what I already had on this post until again when I get back to it. Like, not letting something change until you’re there to change it.

Instagram like

Until better things, like changing what is the type of light we need to use before better things. Either way, in the Skin&Earth comic, her character wears these booty shorts, so she made them as merchandise late last year & then also this year, like mostly this year, 2018. She has them on tour, too, I believe. Although I had already got mine before I went to the next Seattle show anyway, so I wasn’t concerned about it. But here’s En & of course Lights, too, with these booty shorts. I also am thinking they’ve probably stopped selling these by now, but I tried a bit to double check to see if they’re still being sold, and it looks like no. Just for now enjoy these booty shorts, they’re cute to look at, and there will always be upcoming merchandise with styles like this that will be going around so just wait until we all find more & better booty shorts. Also on her official site, these were usually priced around $15 when they were still on sale. Not too bad, but also such a classic pair of booty shorts.

I actually received these booty shorts on January 27th, 2018 along with a bunch of other stuff from her store. Merch is so fun that you bet your ass that I would and do model any merch without shame or judgement. Like if there’s merch on my booty and someone’s making it harder to focus on what I’m doing then, who likes it like that? Why would you expect me to feel bad about something like this? That’s pointless, pretty honestly. Anyway, here’s my little haul from Lights’ online store (this January) and then a few other pics from this shoot. What’s so wrong with modeling merchandise booty shorts from time to time? I had vowed to get pictures of all my booty shorts before they were ruined, but I forgot to beat a couple of them to the punch, and just never got pictures for them. I have quite a few pairs of merch booty shorts, but some are already too stained to model since I’ve had them for so long! Maybe one day I’ll get a whole new set of replacements, and then I can do the rest of them or something.

Lights haul 2018
January 27th, 2018 Haul from

And yes, obviously I have a lot more merch (including more booty shorts), to shoot & post, just left to work on. But wow, this life is going to be long but it’s worth the time & battle for sure, with in-depth editing of the rest on the list I have right here. This is good for me, and I even will work on a list of standards to use for when I’m working on each different site of mine, so, that’s great. Organizing! Yay! Plus Merch Collecting & Catagorizing! That’s the gist of it here, and keep your eyes out for both Shop For Days & Celebrity Merch Base as I start more actively on them both, easy like a dream, honestly. Although my main dream is still to take off as the Style Blogger, so yeah that includes Merch Style. Ally took like the first three of these (on my phone, 2018) & the other set of them Matt actually took (with my camera, in February 2019) all down below. And that was a very interesting sentiment actually, with it just being these booty shorts, but two different sets of pictures, both for Captain Lights. Both of my internet blogs loved this venture, more likely. I’ve definitely posted them!

I really like what I did with these & others of booty shorts, photoshoots like this to me really get the creative juices flowing in ways I don’t usually feel when modeling something else. Like I typically, really do all my own work, tripod and everything. Not including all the merchandise I haven’t took pictures of or posted yet, that I still have, & want to have the motivation with it. That applies to all aspects of my collecting, a lack of creative proof that I use those tools, so I feel sometimes like I’m squandered in ways like this. Yet, coming up with that many captions, and knowing that my main two exes were the creative eye behind the shoots, I almost feel… better, knowing I put both photoshoots together and worked on them like that. It’s rewarding enough to have this theme and direction in which to go whenever I’m feeling stuck, so from now on I’m going to branch out more and work hard on utilizing what I can do more often with myself & whoever I can bring into my life to work with me, hoping I’m not underestimating my future with different outcomes that I experiment with. Basically, I should try someone other than an ex to help me shoot the rest of my merchandise in the future. That would be a worthy experiment – different types of merch in my time, different kinds of people out there.

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