Lights 2017 Skin&Earth Comic/Album “Captain Lights” Pink Booty Shorts

I did a mini 4-photo photoshoot for these Booty Shorts (photography creds to my girlfriend Ally) and the awesomest thing ever happened–Lights liked the picture on IG that I posted of it! I felt famous and loved at the same time.

Instagram like

But anyway, in the Skin&Earth comic her character En wears these booty shorts so she made them to merch late last year/this year, mostly this year. On tour, too. But I got mine before I went to the Seattle show anyway. But here’s En & Lights with the booty shorts, and click here to view or buy these undiez on her official webstore, priced at $15.

I got these on January 27th, 2018 along with a bunch of other stuff at her store. Merch is so fun you bet your ass (lol) I would and do model any merch with no shame or insecurity. Like if there’s merch on my booty and Lights likes it then why would you expect me to feel ashamed. Lol here’s my mini haul from Lights store (in January) and then a few other pics from this shoot. What’s wrong with butts? I think they’re cute! Haha

Lights haul 2018
January 27th, 2018 from

So yes obviously I have a looooot more merch to shoot & post about. Man this life is gonna be long but it’s worth the travel. This is so fun. Organizing! yay! merch!

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