Hayley Kiyoko 2018 Expectations T-Shirt Size M

Hayley Kiyoko : Feelings Bundle (CD + T-Shirt)

Release Date – March 30th, 2018; Ordered – April 1st, 2018; Received – April 7th, 2018


  • Expectations album CD, Hayley Kiyoko’s debut album! My fave tracks are Mercy/Gatekeeoer, Let It Be and Feelings. Check out @cdsfordays on Instagram.
  • Expectations album cover tee in size M (medium) which Ally modeled for me in my “Feelings” photoshoot which I also posted for her birthday on my other blog; not too much of a bundle to just get a shirt and a CD but hey that was what they called the Feelings bundle and it’s adorable. It was a total of $47.53 with tax and shipping here in the US.


And here’s more pics from the photoshoot of it! Including pics of my other Hayley Kiyoko shirt which I’ll post on here separately. (; Don’t forget about the full photoshoot!

SUCH A CUTE SHIRT they were out of size small which is why I got medium but yay anyway.

Bundle is from Warner Music Store, which has a lot of cool stuff from those artists. (including Kimbra and I think like Cardi B? Lol) but yeah the album dropped March 30th, 2018 but I placed the order for the bundle on April 1st, 2018. Not too far off! Lol.

I love you Ally, thank you so much for the photoshoot! And happy birthday (late birthday now!).

xx Abby


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