Aly & AJ ‘SIGNATURE CD Bundle’ Pre-Order 2017 : T-Shirt, Socks, Postcard & Ten Years CD (+Bonus!)

Date I Placed My Pre-Order for Aly&AJ’s “Signature CD Bundle” from PledgeMusicJuly 13th, 2017

Actual Release Date of ’10 Years’ EP – November 17th, 2017

Received woman’s cut t-shirt, socks, & personalized postcard – November 2nd, 2017

My Pre-Order Bundle Photoshoot (originally taken to blog about for my main blog, – November 17th, 2017

Received Signed EP on CD, the last item from the bundle – November 21st, 2017

Blog Post posted about the look & some other shit tooDecember 21st, 2017

Met Aly & AJ who both SIGNED this print of me from that photoshoot of the merch outfit (featured photo at the top/front), they asked lots of questions about my blog and thought my style rocked! – June 17th, 2018

So yes this was a bundle from Pledge Music, who honestly has the coolest pre-order deals and awesome prices too; it’s great for the artist and dope for the fans! In THIS bundle, there’s the 4 super cool items that came with it and then there’s the photoshoot I did for it which includes the print that is now signed by them! So yeah 4 bundle items + pic of the bundle that they signed recently.

The bundle:

  1. Ten Years EP on CD, signed on the inside of the booklet. 4 track EP, seen here on my Instagram account @cdsfordays.

2. Personalized signed Post-Card to me. I framed it myself.


3 & 4. Aly&SlayJ T-shirt, and Aly and &AJ socks shown in this photoshoot that I did. That’s all the the things that came in this bundle I got.

That was it for a while. I spent a total of $75 including shipping and stuff and was just so excited for the signed CD and personalized postcard. Pretty bomb. All from Pledgemusic! I suggest you hop on there. Oh, and here’s some pics from me wearing that t-shirt that first day on November 17th (last year) later this day I smoked some weed and did this photoshoot (that’s why my eyes are so red lol oops) but BEFORE that, earlier this day, I went to Moore Than Rocks my fave store and took some selfies & stuff. Once this site becomes more than just a free wordpress account then I’ll be able to share my videos with you guys, too.

Lastly, I just met Aly&AJ on June 17th, and they signed one of my prints of me wearing their merch! That’s the featured photo. It’s super awesome. I got so much traffic on my blog after the concert. And yet I’m posting on this different one….Lol, oh well I recently am posting on Shop For Days but for now I’m also indulging on my merch site cuz I can. But hey yeah here’s me with the legendary duo and some other concert stuff!

Aly Michalka – Me – AJ Michalka / June 17th, 2018 (Neptune Theatre in Seattle)

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