Juicy Couture “Behati” Collection BABES Shirt & Bandana

I totally did a photoshoot with my friend Syerra about this shirt, check out the blog post here! Other than that, I have bedroom pictures of this shirt. Not necessarily modeled for an outfit like that one post, but at least check that out for context clues. All I have is some quick pictures in my bedroom for the rest of this shirt. This collection for Juicy Couture was done with Behati Prinsloo!

And then the bandana… I didn’t include this in the Shop For Days post so I got some random pictures here.

When I very first shot this shirt it was 2016. I had almost forgotten about that shoot. I named the post Glory and the first photoshoot was called Invitation. Check that one out here.

September 13th, 2016 – ‘Invitation’

And then the previously mentioned, Babes shoot with Syerra Haverly. This was done in September 2017, same day as the last one but a year later. Check out this collage.

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