Louis the Child Euphoria Tour 2021 Tye-Dye Shirt

I went to the Louis the Child concert in Seattle on September 11th and I just loved it! Finally getting back to a few concerts this year, so I’m really glad about that. Of the 3 I’ve been to this year though, only Louis the Child has had merchandise! I liked their options but I definitely got this purple & blue tye-dye one of all of them. I then did a blog post all about my concert outfit & the merchandise tee on my blog Shop For Days, so you can check out the full photoshoot there & everything! Here’s a few pictures I got of the shirt, I definitely tied it up and wore it with my Boohoo leggings but I like how this shoot turned out.


  1. I’m so glad you got to experience a concert this year and that you got to snag some Louis the Child merch while you were there! Your photoshoot looks amazing and I love the color scheme you chose. I’ve been looking for a new concert outfit and have been inspired by your look – thanks for sharing!

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