Katy Perry 2011 OPI Nail Polish Collection

This nail polish collection came out in 2011, and that’s about around the time when I bought it! I was excited for a merchandise nail polish collection, I have actually two other collections but this one is sometimes my favorite. I love Katy Perry too, and I love the songs they chose to name these after. It took me about a month of only painting my nails with this collection, but I got pictures of all the polishes. Collecting things like this is something that I really love. A couple of the bottles are like halfway full but it’s been 10 years, surprised I still have the full collection! I have a lot of nail polish though so I guess it makes sense. They’re all still in good condition, too, though, even though I used a bit of Seche Restore in a couple of them. Love all of these but my favorite is always Teenage Dream.

A picture of all 5 nail polishes!

I’ll break it down a bit with another picture of each polish on my hand!

This one is Last Friday Night, which I have like half the bottle left of. It’s a blue glitter polish that might be a good topper, but I usually use it on my nails alone. I wish the lighting showed the blue a little better but still you can see it’s a good one, and I love the name for it.

Here’s my personal favorite of the collection, Teenage Dream! I think I got really good pictures both of the polish on my nails and of the bottom, showing the name. This one is also about halfway full, so I have it to last me for another while actually. I love this pink glitter, again it could go over another polish but I usually like this one by itself as well. It’s a full coverage glitter polish with two coats, too, so that’s awesome!

The One That Got Away is beautiful, it’s this red shimmery color that’s full coverage with two coats. It’s almost pink in some lightings but it’s mostly just a red. I love this one as well but I rarely ever wear it, I really should more. I like that they chose this song for this one. It definitely needs the two coats, it’s a little watery or something, but definitely still a good nail polish and I love it.

These are also a couple of pretty decent pictures, I really like how they turned out. This nail polish is called Not Like The Movies and I love this one too. Good lighting for what it is too, this is a duochrome type of nail polish. It’s grey mostly but with green & purple colors when it hits certain lightings. I think this is a perfect color but it definitely needs two coats too to be opaque. It also has some shimmer to it, so it’s pretty dimensional but still delicate!

This Black Shatter polish just kind of came with the Katy collection, it’s an interesting topper polish! You paint it on your nails over some other nail polish and it shatters or cracks and reveals the other polish underneath it. I put it over Not Like The Movies for this example, I think it turned out really cool! It can sometimes chip sort of easy, but I still think it’s pretty cool. I rarely ever use this but I like that I have the full Katy collection! Great 5 nail polishes she did with OPI, I love them all. Thanks so much for reading, that’s all I got!


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